After 10 years of working in the music industry as a ghost producer, composer and arranger for brands, commercials and dance events, LEOJI felt the urge to create what was bubbling up to the surface of his own creative mind.

Incorporating his own life, past, present and future into an electronic mix and visual expression is the goal.

On this album, Leo is collaborating with several of his heroes and female music warriors such as Des’ray (2 Brothers on the 4th Floor), David Goncalves, The 5th Whiz and others…

The style of the album can be described as uplifting, bangin, electronic, urban, queer, original and emotional. His influences include artists such as Flume, Aphex Twin, Lady Gaga and music movements like Happy Hardcore, Hip-Hop, Future, Trap, House, Dutch Folk Music and LGBTQIA culture.

The first single “BASQUE” with JNM the Naked MC is out now and a list of singles and an album are in the pipeline for 2018

Checkout the last gig in Club NYX with the launch of his first track with the Naked MC:






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