Francesco Illiano was born in Naples in 1990, he quickly developed a spontaneous and creative interest into techno music, that lead him to London.
In London, he started to nourish his passion for Techno in the London techno music scene. After a few gigs, he decided not to continue Djing in public but otherwise focus on producing his own sound.
Today Francesco is based in Amsterdam, where he believes the crowd is more open to his techno sound is a collage of funky & groovy beats mixed in.
Francesco loves to perform in peak times and crowded clubs but also at after parties or afternoon parties and open air clubs, for Francesco the most important thing is the rush you get when you look into the crowd and feel their passion for the music.
  • Techno
  • Tech House
  • House
  • Deep House
  • Dub
  • Deep Tech
  • Melodic House.
  • The egg (London)
  • The Den (London)
  • The Hoxton Amsterdam
  • The Hoxton Holborn.


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